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the happenings of the ‘be’ ministry for women at Sanctuary Covenant Church, Sacramento CA

So much March 6, 2013

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There is SO MUCH happening in the life of our church and the women of Sanctuary are right in the middle of many of these GREAT THINGS!  Thanks so much for stopping by to make sure you are “in the loop”.  Since I last posted we’ve officially MOVED to the Clunie Community Center in McKinley Park, and we meet there at 10:30am on Sunday mornings for worship services and at 7pm on Wednesday evenings for prayer.

What incredible energy the move has brought and already we have seen God’s hand at work in the transition.  We’ve seen connections begin to develop in the neighborhood…with the homeless, with runners in the park, and with the people who live nearby.  These are all things we prayed would happen!   I am praying that God will continue to open doors for us to share the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD…the truth of His INCREDIBLE LOVE for us…realized when Jesus came to Earth to live life, love people, and die for all of us.  That is just nothing short of amazing.  No other single act has had a greater impact on humanity.  We’ll be celebrating this coming Easter season with Good Friday and Sunday morning services…visit www.sanctuary-church.org for details.

Our church family is all about LOVE, JUSTICE and PASSION.  As we follow Pastor David’s leadership and his personal example, I can’t wait to see the impact that Sanctuary will have in the days, weeks and months ahead.  If you have never visited Sanctuary on a Sunday morning, I hope you will!  If you haven’t been “home” in a while…I’m praying I’ll see you there very soon 😉  If you need additional info about women’s minstry at Sanctuary drop me a note at laurie@sanctuary-church.org

Much love,



God Has Us On The Move… July 26, 2012

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I am so excited about the fact that God has been leading our church toward a move into the central part of the City of Sacramento.  It strikes me as such a logical fit for Sanctuary.  It puts us in a position to do life right in the middle of so many people!  I think that doing life there, in the central city, will be such a great privilege.  As I was praying this week for Pastor David and our leadership team as they work through all of the possible locations, and bring us what they believe are the very best fit – I was so impressed to pray for something a little different than I expected.  I found myself praying that our transition would be SO MUCH MORE than a change in location.  I prayed specifically that God would inspire us to be a church passionate for, focused on, and relentlessly committed to sharing the gospel, the truth of God’s love – by what Jesus did on the cross – at every opportunity.  It was funny, because I had articulating to God all of the needs I could imagine were pressing our leaders right now…for the logistics of the move, for discernment for our leaders, for the leasing/contract process.  All of these are such important components of a move like ours.  But as I prayed, I just felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me so much more clearly that while those things must be done – and they matter – they are *very* secondary to what He is doing with us as a church.  God is moving us to the central city for His GREATEST purpose: to share God’s incredible story of love and grace with the people of Sacramento.  I can’t wait to get the chance to do just that!

In His Service,



Armor July 14, 2011

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Time flies…it always does.  It’s been quite a while since I have taken the time to sit down and post.  Today, I was chatting with Ann Nichols and watching her granddaughter Taylor swimming with Ty as I policed Wyatt paddling around on the top step in the pool.  We were talking about the way that sometimes it seems like one by one, things seem to start pressing in on us…eventually to the point where it is really more than pressing, it’s all caving in.  It was a good reminder to me, and not the first one in the past few weeks, that as we do life we are confronted with an enemy (Satan, the Devil, and his legion of evil followers).  The Bible instructs us to be on guard against the enemy and his schemes, it reminds us that the battle we confront isn’t physical – but rather, spiritual, and it reminds us that Satan is about this Earth, seeking to steal, kill and to destroy.

I wonder then, why I so rarely approach the start of my day mindful of the battle that is afoot.  I should start my day by taking time to intentionally put on the armor that God has provided.  He has equipped me with an arsenal (Ephesians 6:10-18) that cannot be matched!  Let’s remind each other about the real battle going on out there, and about the fact that we have everything we need to meet the challenge in Christ.  Thanks Ann for a great reminder today!

Much love,



safe October 30, 2010

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In life group on Thursday nights, we have been doing Bible studies each week that coincide with Pastor David’s sermon series on the book of Acts.  We’re learning so much about the early church.  There is a great deal for us to gain from examining the way they engaged in community.  This week Pastor David’s discussion questions focused in part on safety.  He asked if we could give an example of a situation where we had chosen obedience over safety.  This is a much more difficult question than meets the eye in my opinion.  We first peeled away what we think “safety” means in today’s context (since none us of are facing the jailer for doing the work of the gospel).  As we talked more, it was really difficult for us to come up with specific examples.  Problematic.  I challenged the group to spend this next week thinking about where God is calling them to obedience, and then assess where the risk is.  I would challenge you to do the same as well.  Think about what really is risky.  I think this is a much more difficult thing to grip than we admit.  There are things that I can do that further the kingdom at absolutely no risk to myself.  They are not wasted time – and we should keep doing them!  But what about this question of obedience and safety?  It’s well worth spending a little time evaluating what hard things God might be calling you to do, and then praying for the discipline to obey.


Are you living in community with other Christians who are challenging you in your faith?  If not…get connected!  Start with a life group or small group Bible study.  The reality is that we grow as a unified body of believers as we struggle through life’s challenges together, and as we ask each other the really tough questions.  Life group is a perfect place to really engage in that process.  At the end of the day, we can take the risk and obey God because we serve a God who is all powerful – He is our strong tower, our great deliverer, our mighty fortress, everlasting…beginning to end.  The safest place we can be is to be living out the great plan God has for us – He designed the blueprints for each of us, knows intimately what we need and what our limits are, there is absolutely nothing that can separate us from God’s great love.


Much love,



Fresh air… September 19, 2010

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It’s that time of year again.  Fall is just beginning to arrive and the air is a bit fresher out there – before you know it, there will be autumn leaves falling from the trees.  Fall is really my favorite time of year, the weather is amazing, I get a fresh start at work (being a teacher is nice that way!), and it is an awesome lead-up to my favorite holiday – Christmas!  I was looking back today at my post from last October…I love to look back and see what I was writing about, and what was going on in the life of our church.   A year ago our interim pastor had just arrived.  This year, our new pastor is here and teaching through his first series in the book of Acts.  I love it!  Last year, I blogged about the ‘be’ mentoring retreat.  I hope more women will join us on the journey this year.  I would love to connect women for partnership/mentorship even if there is no immediate ‘crisis’ in their lives, but instead, just so that they can find new connections and sharpen each other on this journey of faith!  I love the idea of doing life one-on-one in real relationship.  I also blogged about living a life worthy of the gospel of Christ (that had been the theme at our retreat and wow…did it challenge us!!!)  I would ask you a year later, have you thought about and addressed the things that get in the way of living that kind of life?  Is the way you are living the day-to-day stuff of life glorifying to God – is it worthy of the gospel?   Sometimes I feel like I wish that just an hour would go by when I felt like I was glorifying my savior.  Other days, I think I’m doing quite well (and I wonder if God sees it the same way I do?)  This fall let’s start fresh…breathe in some of that crisp fall air and let’s decide together to think again about what is getting in the way, and let’s do something about it!  Do something.  Join a Life Group.  Start a Bible study.  Ask for mentorship. Become a mentor.  Let’s do everything we can think of to glorify God as women and as a church.

Much love,



change and good news… July 2, 2010

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I am excited about what God is doing in my life right now.  It’s a time of real challenge and transition for me…I’m expecting a baby, gearing up to watch my first-born start kindergarten and planning for a potential move (but not far…so you aren’t getting rid of me!!!)  As I sit amidst swirling transition, it’s funny that I’m not feeling like the anchor is loose.  I am leaning hard on the confidence I have in Christ and rather than feeling like it’s all coming undone, I feel just the opposite…like it’s all coming together.  The other day a woman I’ve been working with professionally stopped me and said “If you ever wonder whether you have it together, I want you to call me, so that I can tell you that I’ve never seen anything like what you are doing right now!”  I laughed (out loud!) but in all seriousness, I shared with the woman that I have no doubt where this peace comes from…it’s incomprehensible for a reason (God designed it that way).  I love God so much for knowing that our ability to process would be limited, and for creating a mechanism (His perfect peace) that provides us calm in the midst of the storm.

At Sanctuary we heard good news this week.  The Search Committee, after months of faithful service, has chosen a candidate to propose to our congregation to lead our church.  I spent some time this week reading David Beck’s blog (he is the candidate…and if you didn’t catch it in the letter the Vision Team sent us this week, he blogs regularly…and it’s really very good:  http://tdavidbeck.blogspot.com).  As I read through some of his posts I got so excited.  I know it’s sort of crazy…but it all fits in my “coming together” feelings right now.  I was reading a post that David wrote on leadership, where he reflected on a children’s musical performance and found analogy to Christian leadership…I really liked it:
Although we as Christian leaders are not out to get people to “perform well” in the Christian life, there are analogies here for ministry.

1. The Scriptures set a lofty vision for us – nothing less than “it is not I who live but Christ who lives in me.” It is proper for us to call people to that mountaintop and not settle for the foothills of simply becoming nice or morally upright people.

2. The Christian life is fulfilling. There is nothing better than being a vessel through whom other people are blessed. As John Piper might say, it’s good for us to revel in the enjoyment of living as God intends.

3. We as Christian leaders must walk with people on the journey to allow Christ to live through them. If we are walking with them (and allowing them to walk with us), we will be prevented from walking away from them to go on to “the next thing.” What is needed is relational perseverance – or what is also known as patience and longsuffering, which is the fruit of the Spirit.

Regardless of whether you feel like you are a ‘leader’ right now…I love the idea that God is ready and willing to use you, and that He has called you to great [lofty] things.  He wants YOU to be the one to walk with others, to persevere in their journey of faith, step-for-step, walking right alongside them.  He’ll provide someone to do the walking WITH YOU as well.  [SHAMELESS PLUG FOR OUR WOMEN’S MENTORING PROGRAM: we want to connect you with someone to walk with you, and if you want to mentor others…we want you to join our team!].  Something that I have loved since I first came to Sanctuary was the richness of gifts reflected in our congregation.  We are a community of honest people – who for the most part, are willing to live broken before each other and the Lord.  We are a community of people who desires to see its broad and deep range of gifts taken and used to impact the world for Christ.  Today, as I imagine a little bit what it might be like to welcome David as our pastor if it becomes clear through the final stages of our search process that he is the one God has called to us, I am experiencing in earnest that rush of hope that God’s Word promises will not disappoint us (Romans 5:3-5).

Much love, Laurie


mission May 4, 2010

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“We exist to glorify God through lives that are transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ, and through living in authentic community, so that all may know Him”.  The Vision Team (our Board) at Sanctuary Covenant Church has been working hard over the past months on that language.  It expresses in succinct terms why Sanctuary exists…why we meet together every Sunday morning.  I think it is exciting on so many levels.  I have a question though: had you thought before that one of the reasons you attend church is to glorify God?  That is such a lofty kind of concept.  I love that it’s part of our nuts & bolts mission at Sanctuary.  God’s great love for us is so unique.  He sent His one and only son to live here on Earth, explain the good news of salvation – that if anyone believes in Him they will have eternal life, and then to die to pay the price for the sins of the world.  This is one unique kind of love.  It isn’t like any other love we have ever experienced…it is truly unconditional – given without expectation, knowing that many won’t choose to believe Him, and won’t return that love.  It’s this great love that has transformed my life.  I think it is perfect that as a part of  our mission, we set ourselves to intentionally glorify God by living like we have been transformed.  How cool is it that we don’t have to “do” something special or have some incredible talent to glorify Him, just that our very transformed lives scream the good news to the people we encounter every day?  Whatever pressure you might have been putting on yourself to do, say, or be the right thing…you can end that now!  Instead, live a life transformed…and when people want to know why you are different, tell them the truth. Living transformed lives translates into living in authentic, honest community.  I want to be a church where people know who I am and they love me anyway and I think that many of the amazing people at Sanctuary are so good at that.  I love my life group for that reason.  They don’t make faces when I say something during a discussion that might be off the mark.  They forgive me when I am difficult.  They trust my motives (I can’t tell you how much I value that).  As God’s sanctification of our lives transforms us, He is faithful to take our story and use it to strengthen the community of believers – and to spark an interest in the people we interact with and love who haven’t decided to trust Christ yet.  So that all may know Him.

In Christ,